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Small Reverse Osmosis(RO) Water Treatment System

This reverse osmosis system retains the main benefits of conventional equipment, compact structure, small size, small footprint, and solves the customer space shortage problem. Good water treatment effect, stable operation, and daily maintenance-free. The water source is tap water, which is widely used in restaurants, shops, and food stores. The production capacity is 250L/H, 500L/H.

Products Detail:

The basic working principle of reverse osmosis is: the special high-pressure water pump is used to add raw water to 0.6-2.0MPa pressure so that the raw water will seep through the reverse osmosis membrane with a diameter of only 0.0001 microns under the action of pressure. Chemical ions and bacteria, fungi, and visions cannot pass through and are discharged with the wastewater. Only water molecules and solvents smaller than 0.0001 microns are allowed to pass through.
The security filter is equipped with a filter element with a filter aperture of 5μm. These filter out any particles larger than 5μm in size. It can protect the downstream RO membrane, otherwise, the RO membrane surface is easy to scale. The more commonly used type of permeable membrane is polyamide membrane. The membrane type is rolled composite membrane. The desalination rate of this type of membrane can reach 99.5%.


Model RO-S250 RO-S500
Amount water(L) 250L/H 500L/H
Inlet water source Tap water
Working power supply AC220V/50HZ or Customized
power(KW) 1KW 1.1KW
output water quality electrical conductivity15<μs/cm
Size of Host Machine(mm) 560*490*1050mm 560*490*1510mm
weight(kg) <100 <100
Scope of application  Restaurants, Shops, and Food stores, etc.
Material Bracket:SUS,Pipes:PVC-U
Warranty 1 Year
After-sales Service Video technical support, Online support, Field maintenance, and repair service

Product advantage:

1. Automatic operation, simple operation;
2. Compact structure, small volume, less space;
3. High-quality component design, more stable quality;
4. Daily maintenance-free, low use cost, many years without trouble;

Main Components:

All Automatic control system
Security filter PP melt blown
High-Pressure pump SS304
RO Membrane system
Stainless steel frame

small reverse osmosis–ro water treatment system 11

1.All Automatic control systems–Program controller, pressure gauge, and flow meter.

small reverse osmosis–ro water treatment system 7

2. Security filter–prevent large particles, bacteria, viruses into RO membrane, accuracy is 5um.

small reverse osmosis–ro water treatment system 8

3. High-pressure pump–Provide the high pressure to RO membrane.

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4. RO Membrane system– the main part of the plant. The RO membrane’s desalting rate can reach 99%, removing over 99% ions.

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